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Contains natural caffeine

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GymTea Fettverbrennung Abnehm-Tee

About GymTea

GymTea assists training and a healthy & balanced diet. All high-quality ingredients are 100% natural & vegan, with refreshing taste and without any additives.

GymTea contains valuable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and natural caffeine and is therefore popular with athletes.

GymTea´s ingredients are perfectly matched, which makes our beverage stand out in refreshing flavour – hot or cold!

GymTea – Feel Good. Look Good.


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GymTea is very popular with sporty and nutrition-conscious people.



All ingredients are 100% natural with no additives and are sourced from selected tea and herbal plantations from all over the world.



GymTea contains natural caffeine from Green Tea, Mate and Oolong Tea.



About 50 mugs of refreshing GymTea can be prepared with one pack of 100g.



GymTea contains valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.



The ingredients are perfectly matched, which makes GymTea stand out in refreshing flavour.


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The following six ingredients are used as a basis for the GymTea flavours:

Green Tea GymTea

Green Tea, Darjeeling

Oolong Tea GymTea

Oolong Tea

Mate Tea GymTea

Mate Tea

Ginger root GymTea

Ginger root

Nettle GymTea


Cinnamon GymTea


GymTea Classic

Lemongrass GymTea


Rooibos GymTea


Mint GymTea


GymTea Tropical

Kiwi GymTea


Lychee GymTea


Pomegranate seeds GymTea

Pomegranate seeds

GymTea Berry

Goji berries GymTea

Goji berries

Aronia berries GymTea

Aronia berries

Cranberry GymTea


Customer reviews



Elena, 19

“I’ve tested GymTea Classic and I am really thrilled! The taste is really unique and the tea is extremely refreshing. I can say that I’ve been looking forward to the next cup every day, so I can really recommend it!”



Dieter, Personal Trainer

“I have tested GymTea and I am really convinced. The taste is super, both, hot and cold! In addition, GymTea contains natural caffeine. I always drink a cup before my workout.”

Desirée, 26

“I am excited about GymTea. It tastes very refreshing. For a change, I sometimes add some honey or lemon juice to the tea. I particularly like to drink it before training.”

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“I already have teas from other brands at home and GymTea is my favourite :) I especially like the cinnamon flavor. I often drink milk mixed with cinnamon or refine my dairy foods with it. So GymTea is exactly right for me – delicious and reminds me of Christmas :) I drink one mug in the morning and one in the evening before going to sleep, and I will definitely continue drinking it!”

Marcel (24), Athlete & Fitness model

“My experiences with GymTea are absolutely great. GymTea has all the raw materials, which I normally buy individually, combined into one product. You can already see the quality when opening the package,because the individual ingredients are clearly visible without beeing broken into small pieces. GymTea Classic has a pleasant spiciness from the ginger and a very delicious taste of mint and lemongrass.”



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Enjoy cooking and don´t forget: Abs are made in the kitchen!

Gesunde Fitness Rezepte & GymTea Smoothies


The nine ingredients of GymTea are perfectly matched, which makes it standing out due to a fresh and slightly sweet flavor. GymTea Classic has a citrus-mint note and a slight spiciness from ginger. GymTea Tropical includes tropical fruit pieces and impresses with its fruity summer freshness. GymTea Berry refreshes with its berry-taste and a slight cinnamon note.

For one cup of GymTea Classic, Berry or Tropical fill the tea strainer with about 2g of GymTea (one heaping teaspoon) and pour over 200 ml of boiling water. For one cup of GymTea Organic Matcha whisk two bamboo scoops (1/2 tsp) of Matcha with 80 ml of hot water (80° C) using a bamboo whisk.

For GymTea Classic we recommend a steeping time of 3 – 5 minutes. This can vary depending on your taste preference. A shorter brewing time intensifies the caffeine. For the Summer Edition (GymTea Tropical & Berry), the brewing time can be increased to 4 – 6 minutes, to let the fruits and berries develop their full flavor.

We recommend drinking 3 cups of GymTea a day before or with a meal. Before training we recommend to drink GymTea because of the caffeine.

Yes, GymTea tastes very delicious as a cool ice tea while retaining its full nutritional effects. We like to add fresh lemon and mint leaves to our brewed tea. Some ice cubes will provide you the perfect healthy thirst quencher for hot summer days. If you prefer it fruity you should definitely try our summer edition teas GymTea Tropical and GymTea Berry!

During pregnancy, we recommend abstaining from GymTea because some ingredients such as Mate or Green Tea contain caffeine. It’s best to consult your doctor in this case.

For one mug we recommend using 2g of GymTea. One pouch provides you with about 50 mugs of tea and one can with about 25 mugs of tea.

Store GymTea sealed in a cool, dark, and dry place.

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