Lukas Transformation

Lukas, 24

“I trained four months with a full body plan and concentrated on heavy exercises. During this time I had a strict diet which was quite low in carbohydrates. In addition, I drank three cups of GymTea every day and I´m very convinced of the products claims. When I’m tired after work I like to drink a cup of GymTea about one hour before my workout, then I go properly focused into the gym. I also love the fresh lemon flavor. Overall, I’ve lost about 7 kg in these four months (from 77 to 70kg). Thanks again for the GymTea, I will definitely continue drinking it!”

Elena, 19

“I’ve tested GymTea Classic and I am really thrilled! The taste is really unique and the tea is extremely refreshing. I can say that I’ve been looking forward to the next cup every day. What I can surprisingly also say is that it prevented food cravings since I´ve been drinking GymTea regularly, so I can really recommend it. GymTea provides me with more energy for my workout and helps me to stay in shape.



Dieter, Personal Trainer

“I have tested GymTea and I am really convinced. The taste is super, both, hot and cold! In addition, GymTea is suitable as a 100% natural training booster. Unlike coffee, tea contains no substances that hinder the performance-enhancing effects of natural caffeine.”


“The taste of GymTea is unbeatable! I have already tested various detox teas, but this is was my favorite one!!! With the effect I am also very satisfied: around Christmas my belly looked quite different, now I’m super happy again! This of course is not only due to the tea, but I also trained like crazy. Before my workout I have GymTea as an energy booster instead of drinking coffee as usual. The tea contains Mate, a caffeinated plant which acts as an energy booster even more than coffee.”



Dominic, Natural Bodybuilder

“I’m really thrilled by GymTea. I love the taste, although I’m normally not a big fan of tea. Therefore I can also recommend it to those who usually don´t drink tea. You will be amazed! GymTea will definitely assist me throughout my diet!”

Sammy, 19

“GymTea impresses with its unique taste and can even be enjoyed without any sweetener! I´ve been drinking it for quite some time and I can say that it has reduced my body fat. The tea is also suited for drinking before a workout, because the natural caffeine extracts have a positive effect on your performance.”

Sammy - GymTea



“I already have teas from other brands at home and GymTea is my favourite :) I especially like the cinnamon flavor. I often drink milk mixed with cinnamon or refine my dairy foods with it. So GymTea is exactly right for me – delicious and reminds me of Christmas :) I drink one mug in the morning and one in the evening before going to sleep, and I will definitely continue drinking it!”

Desirée, 26

“I am excited about GymTea. It tastes very refreshing. For a change, I sometimes add some honey or lemon juice to the tea. I particularly like to drink it before training, as a little energy boost.”

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Marcel (24), Athlete & Fitness model

“My experiences with GymTea are absolutely great. GymTea has all the raw materials, which I normally buy individually, combined into one product. You can already see the quality when opening the package,because the individual ingredients are clearly visible without beeing broken into small pieces. GymTea Classic has a pleasant spiciness from the ginger and a very delicious taste of mint and lemongrass.”